The Book

sometimes it's OK to always be sad is SIKOTABS's debut picture book.  Meant for all ages, this story follows the journey of a human and their cloud through the process of dealing with depression. This hand-drawn book is a part of a limited edition, hand-bound, and letterpressed run (printed by our friends at Raghaus).


About the Authors

Matthew Pop, a singer/songwriter, and Rachel Jones, a writer/illustrator, are the co-authors of sometimes it's OK to always be sad. Matthew first approached Rachel with an idea to write a book based on those words--a lyric from a song he wrote and long forgot.  Together they set out to write the validating words they always wished they would hear, but so often don't, during times of depression.  Once written, Rachel illustrated the book, which added a second layer of story, giving characters and plot to what is a poem from (and for) the heart.

This is their first collaboration. They reside in Beacon, NY with their chocolate lab mix, Rexy.  She says, Arf.






SIKOTABS is an art project which gives voice to what it feels like to live with depression in an effort to speak to all those who suffer--who feel they are so often talked about instead of talked to when it comes to discussing mental health. 



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